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Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam

Indian farmers are facing serious threats from globalization. Young farmers are quitting farming and joining the globalized service sector or becoming daily wage labourers. Food production is not increasing at the same rate at as the global population . If farmers keep quitting farming at this rate, our future generations will face two serious threats - Food Shortage and Toxic food.

Village Organics brings farmers and consumers together to form a mutually beneficial partnership through Community Supported Natural Farming Model. Through this model, we encourage community members, farmers and farming experts, to align and enable profitable, conscious and natural cultivation methods. Our model benefits three stakeholders- the farmer , the consumer and the environment.

How We Work

100% from scratch

We support our farmers through the entire crop cycle starting from educating them to eventually selling the produce. The direct sales model helps the farmer get the best possible price by cutting out the numerous middlemen .

Krishi Kendra

Agriculture - Our Lifestyle .. Our Culture

Village Organics is a pioneer and champion of natural ,environmentally conscious ,sustainable and regenerative agriculture. We are leading and inspiring change by returning to the roots of India by reviving our “traditional wisdom of natural farming” which has been proven to be good for the farmer, the people and the environment.

To accomplish this social change Krishi Yoga Kendra works with farmers in re-training them and providing the needed support and creating alternative market system for the farmers in order to get better price for their produce.